Grill & Dessert Shop Ripley


The Noshh Box Grill & Dessert shop chain was opening their doors to a new shop in Ripley, and required all round protection for their shop. Upon survey, a decision was made that they required both CCTV & an intruder alarm to give them to protection they desired.


As the work renovating the shop commenced, cables were installed in a 1st fix and once decorated, the second fix saw a Pyronix security grade 2 wired alarm system and a Hikvision 4mp IP CCTV System come to life.

We connected both the CCTV and Alarm system to the mobile apps so the staff had access to set and unset the alarm remotely and view live/playback the CCTV recordings from anywhere in the world.

We programmed the alarm to alert any mobile phone that has the app installed, so they’re the first to know if anything was to happen at the shop.


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